These fifteen essays are about our ancestors and their times and place. Also included are four longer essays highlighting interesting things.

American Stories

Irish Stories

French-Canadian Stories

Longer Stories


American Stories    

Michael O'Malley - A Politician/businessman

Florida Binette - An immigrant and mother

Edward Hogan - An Pittsburgh Entrepreneur

Owen O'Grady - An immigrant Hero from Kinnadoohy
World War II Heroes - from 3 families

Tidbits: Some Observations about Interesting People  


Irish Stories

What happened to the Heneghans?

Things do change in the West of Ireland - slowly

Where O'Malley relatives found their Mates

Chain Migration - finding relatives to help

 A Personal Bibliography: books that introduced me to the life and times of my Irish ancestors, published in 2012 in The Septs

St. Patrick's Day Greeting


French-Canadian Stories

French-Canadian measurements

Irish and French Canadian: What's the Connection

How I learned a lot about my French-Canadian ancestors life and times, published in 2011 in The Genealogist 


Longer Stories

A Summary of my French-Canadian Family History Research

French-Canadian and Franco-American History as told with some French Expressions -- a PowerPoint presentation

A Tribute to Una O'Malley - Our Irish Family Historian

The Religious Life: Sr. M. Julia O'Malley, R.G.S. and Fr. Charles Sheedy, C.S.C.

If you have a remarkable person in your family that I might add to this list, please send it to me.